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The gods gave me a box - now i am curious!
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Goddess: Pandora

My power is being endowed or gifted with the finest attributes and abilities of all the gods and goddesses. Zeus has given me a gift box only to be opened by all the lowly humans on Earth.

Short background:

I am Pandora; the first immortal woman sent by Zeus as a great gift to Earth. I was molded perfectly from the Earth itself and commissioned by the great Zeus to become the most perfect woman. All the gods were competitive and generous in equipping me for my debut on Earth. Athena gave me skills to weave beautiful and seductive garments. Aphrodite gifted me such beauty and sexual power that I am desired by every god and human. Hermès taught me cunning negotiating skills. I enjoy my musical gifts immensely too. I'm not sure how long I can keep my curiosity at bay with the box Zeus has entrusted me with. Zeus says my box has wonderful gifts for humans but that these gifts must be equally balanced....Zeus says be patient and only allow a human to open my box? I could just take a peak....

Tell us about your experience with music:

I was a classically trained vocalist from age 12 to 19. I was in local musical theatre. I was also lead singer for several local R&B and rock bands. I studied opera in college and decided that was not for me. I continued as a nursing student and returned to the bar band scene.

What kind of music are you into?

I love jazz, most rock and especially 90s grunge. I truly love all music and styles. My weakness is acoustic covers.

What colors would describe your personality?

Bright colors of red, blue, purple and yellow splashed together in beautiful chaos.


Singing, cooking, makeup and exotic foods.


Music is the air I breathe....