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Goddess of petrification and mind
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Goddess: Medusa
Power: Power over petrification and mind
Short background:

I am the gorgon Medusa. I was once a beautiful lady with long brown hair. I was fancied by Zeus, but Athena grew jealous of my beautiful looks and cursed me into being this half person and half snake. Now I spend my time looking for other beautiful people and make them stare right into my beautiful light blue and grey eyes. But they are not just a wonderful thing to see. They will also turn you into stone at first sight. Be aware of me. I'll be watching you, beautiful humans. FYI, I can also choose not to turn you into a stone and instead control your mind.

Tell us about your experience with music:

My favorite song is Firestone.

What kind of music are you into?

I like Eddie Meduza

What colors would describe your personality?

Green just like i'm Green of envy


I'm a professional statue maker


I actually dislike snakes