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Goddess of hunt and protection
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God: Artemis
Power over hunting and protection

Short background:

I am Artemis; goddess of the hunt and the wilderness, protector of chastity, nurturer of the young and mistress of animals. Born on the island of Ortygia, I am the daughter of the almighty Zeus and Leto and the twin sister of Apollo, the god of music. Amongst the rural mortals, I am their favourite goddess.
While I hold the interest of many gods and mere mortal men, my hunting companion Orion was the only one who won my heart. However, it is believed by many that my beloved was killed by a scorpion sent by my very own grandmother Gaia, also known as Mother Earth.
I spend most of my time roaming the forests with my nymphs and I'm armed with bow and arrows made by Hephaestus and Cyclops.

Tell us about your experience with music:

I grew up listening to the voice of my father singing around the house (oh he sang like an angel). If he wasn't singing, then there would be music playing; all kinds of music, jazz, foreign music, 80's, 90's, soft rock, ballads, classical.
My partner in life, my "Orion" is also a seasoned musician and a talented bassists, who shows and teaches me new things about music everyday. He can serenade me with his guitar any day.

What kind of music are you into?

I enjoy and appreciate all kinds of music, but being a romantic at heart, ballads, love songs and acoustic covers really make me melt.

What colors would describe your personality?

All shades of blue with a splash of black


Singing, reading, fine dining, long walks, animals


I have a weakness for Hello Kitty and I've been told never say NO to Pandan