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I am the God Chronos. I can bend time and space at my will.
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God: Chronos

Power over time and space. I can give you time or take your time. I can move you from one space into another. I can be your biggest benefit or your worst nightmare.
If you want revenge on someone, or your time has run out I could very well be your last beacon of light.

Short background:

My name is Chronos. I am the personification of Time. You may also know me as Aion, ''The Eternal Time''. I am the oldest son. You may know my parents. My mother is Gaia also known as Mother Earth personification of the earth that we live on, and my father is Uranus also known as the sky. I am a father of several wannabe gods as well. You know them too I'm afraid. My oldest son, the destructive lightning lover Zeus. My daughter the adulteress, Hera the god of marriage. My second son Poseidon, the fishlovin' ''look at me I have an octopus on my head'' type. Then there's my second daughter, Hestia, the laziest one of them all because she loves being home all the time. Then there's my third daughter, Demeter or what I call her, ''Queen of tears''. If you're not loaded with money then don't make her cry. Everything will turn into a cold cold winter and power bills in the winter are not cheap. And also I don't have my enormous coat. It's at the dry cleaner. Anyway, where were we? Oh yeah, that's right. Then there's Chiron, the apple of my eye, my favorite son. I must have done well with my parenting since he became such a legend. And yeah. He died. Some children are not cut out to be nannies for the weekend *turning my evil eyes and glare at Zeus*. And at last we have my youngest son, the horrible Lord of the Underworld, Hades (PSST! Between you and me I just got creeped out because of his burning hair and sore eyes. I just thought I could make him happy for a while before his children locks him up in the realm of death for all eternity).

Tell us about your experience with music:

I learned to enjoy all kinds of music. One of the lesser benefits of being immortal. But my favorites are mainstream, musicals, pop, RnB, jazz, EDM and PMJB.

What kind of music are you into?

I love time after time.

What colors would describe your personality?

Grey as the day


Eat kids (Sorry kids) and chastrate men (Sorry dad)


I can be sweet as a puppy or evil as broccoli.