Round 2

Round 2 –Accident round

Welcome all teams, to our second round – Accident round

After we sang about blood and wars together behind the shelter, I actually felt at home with this group of people. They were warm and gentle but also a bit dark and dubious. I would be aiming for my own demise if I should trust them right away. We are not in a place of greenery and tranquility after all.
However, we decided that we should work together for a while, at least. It seemed that they were alone as well. So we might just as well work together. No harm in trying.

While we were walking through the dark corridors we heard terrifying screams that ached between the walls. The screams was so horrible they etched right into our bones. What was ahead of us? We continued to walk with an airy feeling in our chests.

Suddenly one of my team members whispered to me.
– I cannot go any further. I do nOt wish to enter a certain death! He said with his shoulders close to his ears while shaking his legs in fear.
– Do you really wanna go back to that battlefield? There is nothing left for you there. I’m going, do whatever you want to do, but I’m continuing exploring this maze!
His team member hesitated, but stayed with the rest of the group. At least for now.

While we were walking we heard aNother airy scream. This time it was much closer to us than before.
– There must be something ahead of us! Something that we cannot know of ahead, I thought to myself.
We continued to walk, but with baby steps. Something about the ground that we were walking on seemed really off. Somehow the shape of the rocks seemed more flat than usual. While we were walking we heard a feW distinct clicks. Suddenly a scream! The team member that wouldn’t go any further was lifted up in the air by a giant flesh-eating plant!!
– RUUUUUUUUUN!!!! I shouted out to the rest of my team!
And we began to run for our lives, leaving the dying scream of our team member behind.
I felt tears. Not one. Many. I was angry. Mostly on myself. How could I leave someone behind to die?
I felt a song build up in my chest. I know that my team members felt the same. I felt a warm hand on my shoulder and a sweet voice beside my ear.
– Accidents can happen. Don’t worry.
I felt disgusted hearing those words.

Your mission

You and your team get to choose a song that is about different actors, artists or song groups that have been in an accident. For example, Fast and the furious, See you again by Wiz Kalifa ft. Charlie Puth that was written as a tribute to Paul Walker. (You cannot choose this song now as it was an example)

What do we expect?

•Only songs about an artist that’s been in a accident. The word accident/accidents in the title or lyrics is allowed also.
•You need to explain or leave a link that support your song choice
•Background vocals are allowed on the track as long as they are covered up by a singer from your group
•Minimal Lyric changes like “he” and “she” are allowed – confirm with a judge before starting your song.
•Layers are unlimited
•Everyone in your team must sing a part in the song (Background vocals, Solo, Melody, Harm, etc)
•Mashups are allowed, if all songs contain/or is about the word accident(s) or works with the theme. If you are unsure, ask a judge.

ESCAPE points?

If you attack another team you will receive 3 Escape points as a reward.

General rules

•Your submission MUST be dated (at earliest point) from the release of this post.
•You MUST attach the correct hashtag and cover art to your submission. There are no exceptions and this is your responsibility alone.
•Videos are ALLOWED
•All entries MUST be available and visible to us judges within the permitted time frame. Late entries will be disqualified.
•Sing in English only please.
•You’re not allowed to open your song with a group account, can only be opened by a member

What effects can be used?

Permitted FX’s to use: Only None. The use of any other fx leads to punishment unless you disabled the lock on the song for this round by talking to the blackmarket dealer

*No Exceptions!!!!!*


You’ll need three hashtags


(You MUST use the correct cover art and put all correct hashtags in the description of your song)

Hashtags to be used by all contestants this round:

#EscapeS2R2 #EscapeS2 #YourTeamName

NO exceptions!

Following document shows the criteria

Please click on the blue link below to view the judging criteria

Escape Judging Criteria Sheet (

Two (2) judges will judge together in a ”so called” judging group. We have nine (9) judges in total, so that we do have four (4) judging groups. Judges will discuss points so that a fair judgement can and will be made! No discussions!

In total, you can earn 30 points max per judge group! This gives you a maximum of 60 points per Entry!

Due by: April 07th – 7 pm CET
Results: April 9th

*Ticker to End of Round*

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