Bonus 1

Introduce your team


Your mission

You and your team will open a soundtrack of your choice. During this soundtrack you and your team will introduce your team and your chosen character roles.
Every member of your team must introduce himself/herself and the chosen character role. No exceptions.
Every team member also need to act their role, e.g. If I’m a warrior I need to act like a warrior.
Cosplay is a giant plus and will surely be of help to you in the competition.

ESCAPE points?

Other than knowing that this bonus round is mandatory you will also receive 5 Escape points as a reward.

General rules

  • Your submission MUST be dated (at earliest point) from the release of this post.
  • You MUST attach the correct hashtag and cover art to your submission. There are no exceptions and this is your responsibility alone.
  • Videos are MANDATORY.
  • All entries MUST be available and visible to us judges within the permitted time frame. Late entries will be disqualified.
  • Speak in English only please.
  • You are allowed to open the song with a Smule Group Account.
  • All members of your team must participate in the video.


What effects can be used?

Permitted FX’s to use: Any FX.

No Exceptions!!!!!


You’ll need three hashtags


(You MUST use the correct cover art and put all correct hashtags in the description of your song)

Hashtags to be used by all contestants every round:

#EscapeS2Bonus1 #EscapeS2 #YourTeamName

NO exceptions!

Due by: March 22nd – 5 pm CET

Ticker to End of Round

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